Tuesday 15 August 2006

A quick peep at the pipsqueek...

Selena and Istra were away for I guess around 10 days? Hard to keep track. I finally met up with them again at the cottage this weekend, and they are back home now. I was amazed (and slightly disturbed, to be honest!) how much it seemed Istra had grown just in that week away. Her face looked much older to me, and her walking much more limber. Selena said she didn't notice any difference. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Oh well, I'll post more pictures with links to more pictures later. Or maybe Selena will. (I'm currently at work, and should be working, really... but i was just sorting the weekend photos a bit and thought i'd throw this up.)

Selena and I were working last night on finalising the plans for our slightly nuts whirlwind tour of Cape Breton we are planning as part of our larger (and hopefully generally more relaxed) family trip to south-western New Brunswick which is suddenly almost upon us. We'll be heading east on the 26th, and returning on Sept 9 or 10.

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