Thursday 1 June 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Istra

Looks like we're all too busy around here to get around to writing about Istra's first birthday party, which took place on the weekend at the cottage for those of you who didn't know. It was a great day; we had amazing food courtesy of Anne and my Mom and the healthy carrot cake I made for Istra wasn't too bad either--the icing, made vibrantly pink with beet puree (trust me, it's not as disgusting as it sounds) was quite nice.

Istra was in a really good mood despite eschewing her afternoon nap. She was actually awake from about noon until we hit the road back to Toronto at 8pm. I think that's some kind of record for her. She was moderately happy despite her tiredness, I think because she had so many new toys and books to play with; and we were at the cottage, outside, which does seem to make her really happy.

The birthday partyers were even treated to a little show of Istra walking quite a few steps on across the grass. She's getting quite good at it now, though she still prefers crawling and only walks, I think, when she's feeling a little cocky. She gets really excited when she walks and loves when people make a big deal out of it. Which we do, of course.

Quickly following Istra's first birthday was Istra's one-year check-up with the cardiologist to check out her heart murmur and VSD. The appointment was much better this time than the last two times; Istra, instead of screeching pretty much right off the bat, was mildly amused by the stickers on her chest, the wires, and the ultrasound goo. The cardiologist reported that the VSD is gone and there is still only a slight murmur, which should go away on its own. She assured me that Istra should be considered 100% normal and we don't need to go back for anymore appointments. Yay!

I will leave you all with the rest of the birthday pictures; I must return to my fields of paper flowers and sheep and shepherds and whatnot.

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