Friday 24 February 2006

Lunch with Kira and her 16 week old fetus

Today I had lunch with Kira. For those that don't know, Kira is sort of an old family friend, who I've known for quite some time and sort of grown up with. I recently learned that Kira is pregnant and so gave her a call to congratulate her; this resulted in our lunch date today.

It's so fun to talk to first-time moms now because I so vividly remember what I was thinking going through pregnancy (talking to Kira today, though, I realized that I've forgotten some things already--like round ligament pain. Yikes.) Also, I feel like I actually know something about pregnancy and childbirth and can give good advice. Yeah, been there done that!

I've also done a lot of reading on the subject. Though sometimes I forget that a lot of my sources are what some people might consider "alternative" and might be a little freakish to some people. Kira did express her desire for a natural birth, which is really exciting to me. I feel sorry for the women whose pain is so bad that they end up getting the epidural and don't get to experience labour as it is meant to be. But talking to people about stuff like this is all about treading a fine line. I don't want to turn people off of natural birth by being overbearing or freakish in my devotion to a natural pregnancy and birth, but I also want to share the information that I have collected over time about the complications that can arise from giving in and getting painkillers.

I have a feeling that I can be overbearing about these things sometimes. Of course, I'm overbearing in a very passive-aggressive way. I need to remember that a lot of people aren't blessed, as I am, with a body that is seemingly meant to give birth. So, mostly at lunch today I just listened to Kira talk about her pregnancy and gave a few hints here and there. On the subway home I thought of so many more things that she just needs to know, like about how bellydancing and an exercise ball might help her cope with contractions, and how breastfeeding is almost worse than labour when the milk is coming in. I don't think there's enough time for all the things she needs to know before August.

I feel so passionate about these things that sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something about it. I don't know what... but something.

Edited to add: Don't get any ideas by that last sentence! We're talking about other people's pregnancies here, not mine.

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