Sunday 8 January 2006

A Brief Note of Commemoration

I must admit that I was a little bit jealous to learn that Istra went with her Gram (Grammy? Grammie? What are we calling Marjorie these days?) and Aunty Anne today to visit Uncle Cliff for his 87th birthday and was a Very Good Girl. Not a peep out of her the entire time, apparently. Well, besides good and cute peeps. Apparently she had lots of those. And then to top it all off she fell asleep after given a bottle and remained asleep while she had her diaper changed, was put back into her fleece suit and strapped into the carseat.

Sounds completely crazy, I know; but apparently it is true.

She must have noticed the incredulous looks on the faces of Mommy and Daddy upon hearing these details and decided to one-up even this astounding performance. This evening Istra, from a sitting position, pulled herself up and shuffled two steps sideways while holding onto the bedrail.

It was amazing to see. I just wanted to mark the occasion.

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