Friday 2 December 2005

Istra's Illustrated Christmas List

I thought I would take some minutes to put together something I've been thinking about for a while -- Istra's Illustrated Christmas List! What follows are some things that Istra wants or needs for Christmas. I'll leave you to figure out which is which. Clicking on pictures will take you to a store that sells whatever it is.

Baby Signing Time DVDs

I've read so many good reviews about these videos. Apparently babies love the
songs and learn to sign along with the lyrics. There is one seller on ebay (who I've
linked to if you click the picture) that sells these sets with free shipping to Canada.

Me Too Portable Highchair

I've had a hard time not buying this one myself! Istra is just starting to sit up, though, so probably by the time Christmas rolls around one of these highchair things would be really useful for when we go out. It folds up really small so it can slip in a diaper bag and come with us to restaurants so we don't have to use the same highchair that other people's grubby kids have slobbered all over.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys

These are just fun, old-fashioned wooden toys. You don't have to buy what's pictured here; I'm pretty open about the wooden toys because they're all pretty good. Though the stacker and the shape sorter are neat. Any other brand (or non-brand) is fine too.

Taggie Blanket

For some reason Istra loves the tags on all her toys. She goes straight for the tags. So this blanket has not just one tag but 24! Yes, all this is is an overpriced fleece blanket with little ribbon tags all around the outside. Someone could make this. Hint hint.

Stuff with no pictures -- mostly available at regular or health food stores.

Baby Safety Gates and Baby Proofing Supplies...

Stuff to keep our soon to be crawler safe. We have outlet plugs but need stuff
to keep doors closed and also wire organizing things. They have stuff like
that at Ikea.

A high chair with a tray that straps onto a regular chair. This is not a full-sized
high chair; more like a booster seat.

Some interesting high chair toys; you know, the kind that suctions onto the tray. These can also be suctioned to the exersaucer for a little variety.

A bath chair to keep Istra upright in the bath. She is now too big for her infant bath.

Seventh Generation Chlorine-free Diapers -- she is size medium now, and will be for a while.

Bummis diaper covers, super whisper wrap regular or polar fleece -- she is size medium now, and will be for a while. These you will have to look for in a store that sells cloth diapering supplies, or you can order from our diaper service, Comfy Cotton.

Burt's Bees Baby Bees buttermilk lotion, buttermilk bath powder and dusting powder

Boiron Camilia for Teething

Boy's Clothes -- but not with stuff like cars or trucks on them. I mean, some nice brown or green cords and shirts to match... a little break from the pink. Istra will probably weigh 16 lbs at Christmas and fit into the 6-12 months size.

Istra doesn't really need much; we will of course be fine without any of it. You could also contribute to her RESP if you like.

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