Sunday 25 December 2005

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas (And "baby's first snow"?)

One of the Christmas traditions around here is that Aunty Belle gives "Christmas PJs" to the girls every year on Christmas Eve. She has done so, as far as I know, forever. Guess who got flashy pink PJs tonight!

Dazed by the pink shininess, you probably forgot all about Istra for a second. Apparently Aunty Belle did not! Istra has been inaugurated. Once your eyes adjust to the pink, behold Istra's first Christmas PJs. They say "Baby's first snow" just under where grandma's hand is on her chest. The booties are little snowman faces. The matching hat apparently is the finishing blow to anyone not already incapacitated by the cuteness of the outfit.

Speaking of slayings though, I sure hope the Christmas Spirit protects me in the morning, and no one tries to do me bodily harm for posting pictures of them in their PJs Xmas eve!

The second picture is a scene from the night before last: we stopped in at Aunty Priscilla's on our way into town. This picture is not posed. Yes, everyone just naturally ends up on the floor flocking around Istra...

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