Saturday 17 December 2005

The Chronicles of Istra

We took Istra to have a gander at Narnia last week. It was a "movies for mommies" screening. This is a matinee at a regular theatre in which babies are invited to add to the sound track. And they do! But really isn't wasn't as bad as it might sound. In fact it was for the most part a fairly relaxing environment in which to watch a movie. I tend to find movie theatres rather stressful: too many people, lines, noise, the pressure to find and guard seats, babbling senselessly during the film being generally discouraged, etc.

The movie itself disappointed us a bit. It was "okay". It wasn't bad. We'd hoped for more, I guess. It had some interesting elements. But we won't get into details here, because who cares what we think. What did Istra think, is the thing.

Well, she seemed to have fun getting her totally soaking diaper changed on the floor in the hall (see pictures). They do put out changing tables for these events, but not enough of them!

I didn't think she really showed any interest in the giant pictures in front of her. She was more interested in the popcorn. We juggled her, and she behaved pretty well; just a few bouts of angst. Then she eventually went to sleep on Selena's lap...

Then it was rush hour and we had to get home. Argh...

Selena says that people don't offer her seats on the buses and subway so much anymore now that she's carrying a baby on the outside rather than the inside. I was carrying Istra on the way home and people seemed to be constantly offering me a seat and urging me to take it (which, actually, i found very somewhat annoying, because it's much easier to stand and deal with Istra in the carrier than to crush oneself into a seat beside people---and people seem confused and uneasy when you don't take the seat they offer...).

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