Monday 7 November 2005

More on Photos

I was rather rushed on my last posting, and so was not as detailed as I would have liked. So I will continue here, though I am still rushed!

Yes, of course, Aunty Belle, we will still add pictures here, as usual. Nothing is changing. I just wanted to let people know about other options for printing digital photos other than one's own printer, and the possible benefits of going that route.

Whitney added some good information in her comment regarding taking digital pictures in to places and having them printed there. The cost is about the same as the on-line places, I believe. And the equipment used is generally pretty good. The motophoto place I previously linked also has self-serve kiosks in some locations that can be used. Some Loblaws-type grocery stores have photo places, some with help-yourself photo kiosks as well. I've also heard that Costco does a pretty good job at printing digital photos. Though as for Wal-Mart, I have nothing to say.)

Definitely these are good options... the reason I focused on on-line services is for convenience. It's pretty easy to just upload a picture when you feel like it, and when you have enough of them ready, have them printed and mailed to you. There isn't actually any place very close to us to take CDs or flash cards to that I can think of. I don't think the shoppers sort-of near-ish here has a photo centre (though the one near our old apartment did). It also takes some know-how to organising and burn the graphic files to CD to take them somewhere to be processed. Not a problem for me, though it does take more effort and deliberation. Others may not be so comfortable with the process.

So anyhow, that's a few more thoughts. I was noticing the pricing at blacks jumps a lot from the basic (and cheap everywhere) 4x6 when going to 5x7 format. Most places do, to varying degrees. The Blacks is a bit extreme though. Something to watch for, if one wants to print larger formats sometimes.

I was just looking up info on the Shoppers easypix service on-line (I hadn't thought of that before) and it appears you can actually send your pictures to them on-line too; and they will print them and deliver them to the nearest Shoppers to you for pick up. Fairly convenient. Their 5x7 and 8x10 price is much better than Blacks. One can print calendars and cards, and all that other goofy stuff also. The web interface looks fairly simple and straight forward. This may indeed be the best Canadian option.

As for pictures of the the real subject at the center of all of this, we have't really got any good ones lately to post. The picture above, a rare one with me and Istra together in it, Selena took... probably no one will be overly anxious to print. (-:

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