Monday 31 October 2005

Walking with Whitney

So last week Whitney came to visit for a day. Since she was not here long we didn't get to do much; but we did get to take Istra for a little walk in my then brand new Ergo baby carrier. I have not yet extolled the virtues of this my latest carrier on the weblog--I will simply say that out of all my carriers (and I have quite a few, so I have experience in this area) this is the most comfortable.

So I helped Whitney to strap Istra to her back and we headed out for a short walk to the health food store. On the way there we were walking along merrily and then all of a sudden I was hurtling towards the ground. It was just like that, too--one moment I was walking and the next I was falling and I still don't really know what happened except I think I fell off the sidewalk. I bashed my shin pretty nicely, skinned my palms and wrenched my ankle. All this and my foremost thought was, "Thank goodness I wasn't carrying Istra!"

I think I'm extra careful about walking when I'm carrying her. I watch my steps carefully when going down stairs. I tie my shoelaces in double knots so they won't come undone for me to trip over. I am one of those unfortunate people who can't help visualizing in great detail what would happen if we tumbled down 17 flights of stairs so I do everything I can to make sure that is not going to happen. I will say, though, that I'm not looking forward to winter.

Not wanting this to be a gruesome Halloween entry, I will finish on a more positive note--the visit with Whitney was very nice in every other way... well, besides that it was too short. And the picture I took of Whitney with Istra in the Ergo is overexposed. Humph.

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