Wednesday 12 October 2005

Thanksgiving Images

Since no one else seems to be posting (eh hem, Selena), this is just to give you all a link to my pictures from last weekend. Most are around the cottage in Port Severn, towards the end are some from Orillia.

Also there was our special photo shoot with Aunty Belle. Most of these didn't turn out all that great for varoius reasons (my camera battery was dying, my LCD viewfinder was off a lot because of this, I accidentally had the camera set manually for the first bunch of pictures, flash indoors at night, and so on -- the thumbnail picture shown here looks good, but due to the accidental camera settings, for example, is very grainy at larger sizes). But there are a few which might be okay.

Don't forget this dramatic sequence... ! Open in two different tabs (or windows) and flip back and forth, for full effect!

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