Sunday 23 October 2005

Morning monster (or, from a n00b that she pwns)

Selena was nervous last night, around 10 pm. Istra had fallen asleep around 8:30 pm. She was due for feeding. The big question was: would she wake up and stay up squeeling away the night until 2 am? Or would she, like a good, dear, baby, go blissfully back to dreamland ... and be quiet? Well, good, dear, baby, she went for choice number two. Yay.

Not so fast, happy-drowsy-mom! She was just saving up her energy for 5:30 am! Ha ha. Once again, baby out-manauvers parents.

So there she is before six, in the dark, squirming around in bed as much as she can, making her noises. Checking out the interesting way the pillow juts out, and the blanket folds over. Twisting herself trying to roll over, and getting stuck. Selena finally has had enough and grabs her with a groan and transfers her back to the crib.

So she squirms around the crib, making her noises. I look over to see what she's doing, and she's rolled herself over on her tummy, and is facing right at us, looking over the edge of the railing (which is in it's lower position).

Gah! Well, there is absolutely no way she can get herself over the low barrier yet, but even so its a bit unnerving. It's just a matter of time. I put the railing up.

She proceeded to inspect the rails, sliding her fingers and nails up and down the knobbly surface as much as she can. Clatter, clatter, clatter. It's so interesting. She rolls back onto her stomach for a closer look.

The problem with her rolling onto her stomach, as she constantly does now, is that she can't roll back yet. She gets stuck. She finds it quite interesting for a while, but then starts to get upset... and so this is what she did.

Again. And again.

Finally i grabbed her and brought her out here to the living room, so at least one of Selena and I could get some sleep.

I put her down on her mat on the floor. The first thing she does is roll over onto her stomach and go for the wireless keyboard sitting nearby (as seen in other pictures). She's a maniac! I was trying to change her diaper, but she would have none of it. It was time to surf the net. Every time I would roll her over to fasten the diaper she would forcably roll back to the keyboard. Fine! at least I got the diaper under her. And she peed all over it, while banging on the keyboard... did you know it beeps if you smack it, grab it, and hold your hand on it long enough? She seems to be figuring that out...

Eventually got a diaper on her. Moved her to the whoozit area, so she cold abuse her rattly frog. She rolls on her stomach. Gets stuck against the edge.

Meanwhile for something to do (not that I don't have enough to do) I figure I'll write all this onto the weblog while it is happening. I have the picture you see which is actually from the middle of last week, when she was just starting to get into this rolling-up-against-things thing. Fun.

It'll be a great day when she just can learn to roll herself back though! Then she'll be able to take care of herself and not get stuck. She'll practically be ready to move out and get an apartment of her own.

Yes, I know, i'm dreaming... well, I am half asleep still here, give me a break. But I know, she'll just find some other way to get stuck, some other way to get herself into trouble, something else to squeel about...

Well, i must go. Apparently it is toe insepection time. Again.

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