Sunday 16 October 2005

Freestanding Istra! (For half a second.)

There are a few things we would like to mention about the upcoming pictures: firstly, Selena made those grey pants out of a sweater. She used a sewing machine to do this. This is a big accomplishment for her. Secondly, contrary to what you are all (probably) thinking, we did not set Istra up on the keyboard to create cute and whimsical pictures of the daughter of a computer programmer--no, she rolled over and wiggled her way over to the keyboard whist ignoring all her other toys scattered about the room.

And furthermore, Istra pwns n00bs!

[Note: Selena wrote all of the text in this entry except this line!]

[Note 2: I did not! Well, while I'm here I would also like to point out something interesting about Istra's toes. See how they are all curled up while she is standing? It's basically like she doesn't have toes at all. I think once she learns to uncurl her toes she will have the balance she needs to walk. Her hands worked the same way; as a newborn, she constantly had her hands curled into little fists. Now she has learned to uncurl her fingers and she can basically use her hands to grab things. I find this symmetry fascinating.]

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