Friday 23 September 2005

Istra Goes to School

It's a bit early for school, but we'd really like to free up our day times a little bit, so I took her to York today to see how she'd like it. She found it boring and slept in the mei tai nearly the whole time. I guess school will have to wait.

Seriously, though, I took Istra with me to York today because--dummy that I am--I forgot my library card yesterday when I'd meant to pick up some books that I need to prepare two presentations, so I had to trek up there again today. Since Istra is mine-all-mine on Fridays when Tim does his thing, she was obliged to accompany me.

I thought it might be a good opportunity to take Istra around to see some of my old profs. I contacted Dingley (my old Russian language professor) and asked him if he would be around on Friday and he said no, but could I bring her Monday or Wednesday. I said no, because I have classes those days, but here is a picture of her since you can't see her in person (and I sent him a picture of Istra at the Veggie Food Fair. He wrote back:

Hi Selena,

What on earth is Istra doing under that bloody great tree? She has big eyes. Is that normal at such a young age? I note your refusal to bring her to see me.

You don't deserve it, but here is Pushkin's Cat.

And a photo of Porec in the other Istra.

Prof Dingley

This cracked me up.

So anyway, Istra and I managed to hook up with my Milton professor from last year, Margo Swiss. It was a surprise; I tracked down her class room and time for her Milton class that she is teaching this year and ambushed her with the baby when it was finished. She was so happy to see us. We went back to her office and chatted for a long time. She told me she bought Istra a little dress and would have come by with it but she has been sick. So hopefully I will see her again in the next couple of weeks.

Istra might not be ready for school, but she is already talking to mommy on the phone:

If you click the image you will get to see a bunch of really cute pictures of Istra holding her head up very nicely.

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