Monday 5 September 2005

Cries of Joy

For a while now Selena has been suddenly asking me at various moments, "did you hear that?!" Um, what? "Do you think that was a laugh?!" Hmmm, I just heard a usual baby noise...

No more. Today, like the recently announced fact that dinosaurs closely related to Tyrannosaurus Rex may have actually looked more like a ratty chicken with feathers than the sleek lizard we've all been told all this time, we have evidence of Istra's laugh!

In fact, I may be so bold as to say I have manage to capture her very first real laugh. Well, at least the first that I've heard. And even if Selena had heard a laugh in one of those times she asked me "if I heard it", those were nothing like the sustained episode of cries of laughter we now present for your pleasure...

This was recorded on my camera which luckily I had handy... and managed to switch on... and Istra cooperated by continuing her laugh in response to a shaken Baby Whoozit.

Click to listen!

It's interesting that on listening to this over again ourselves, it sounds very cry-like, but a bit different. While seeing Istra in action, there is no doubt it was a laugh. And as you can hear, it is a laugh! But, as I say, it is not that different from a cry. So maybe those times Selena thought she heard a laugh, she did... and was looking at Istra, so it seemed more obvious. I was not looking... so I just heard a regular sounding cry.

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