Monday 8 August 2005

Water and above water

Believe it or not, I snapped this picture of a peregrin falcon curving out over the bay in front of the cottage. I'd just frightened it from its perch in a birch tree right out front. (The image is a bit 'overlapping' itself in places, due to the speed of the bird and movement of the camera as I swung trying to capture it... amazed I got it at all...)

Not sure if Istra learned more swimming or walking in this experimental dip. She didn't at all like being supported and laying back in the water. But she didn't mind being held by the arms and "walking" along the sandy bottom.

This was Selena and Istra's game this weekend. Looks fun, doesn't it? You may not be able to make out in this low-resolution version of the picture the golden droplets falling from a certain place. But we had to mark the territory before Sparky did. I'm sure everyone will understand that.

Maybe Selena will provide more details...

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