Sunday 19 June 2005

Happy Daddy Day

Well, Tim’s first Father’s Day is almost over and it seems to have passed pretty uneventfully. Istra gave her daddy one of the best gifts a new parent can get—sleep! We actually slept in this morning and as Tim woke up this morning he said something like, “Ugh, I slept too long.” Can you believe that? Slept too long with a three week old baby!

Yes, Istra seems to be doing much better on the gas front and we seem to be getting into a bit of a routine with her which is helping all of us sleep better. What usually happens is Istra will have her last “daytime” feeding at around 9:30 or 10:00 and then we’ll get her to sleep somehow—sometimes she falls asleep on her own after eating and sometimes she needs a bit of coaxing, like bouncing on the exercise ball. She’ll usually be asleep by around 10:30 and we lay her down in the bassinette. I go to sleep in the bedroom and Tim usually stays up and does stuff on his computer (the bassinette is currently in the computer room). At around 12:30 Istra wakes up again and Tim brings her to me. She’ll usually eat once more at around 4:00 and again at 7:00. After this feeding I’ll usually get up, or sleep until the next one at around 9:00. All in all, it’s working pretty well and I’m not nearly as tired as I was in the first couple of weeks. The routine feels good; now the only thing we need to work in is more walks outside!

We did manage to get in a walk today. Tim pushed Istra in the jogger (with her special head-supporting pillow thing that actually belongs to the carseat) and I walked along beside. I can’t believe how slowly I walk these days! I had to keep asking Tim to slow down. It’s funny how a lot of the time I feel mostly like my old self again, but then I come up against something that I just can’t do like I used to (yet—and no, I haven’t even attempted the stairs). Our little walk was very pleasant; since the heat wave broke a few days ago the weather here has been great. We even had to dress Istra fairly warmly and put a hat on her. She didn’t seem to notice though. She slept through the whole walk, even though we took her on the Beltline Trail to show her the beautiful green trees. We’ll have to try that again someday when she starts actually noticing things.

She does seem to be awake a little bit more these days. There is usually an hour or two during the day when she has her eyes open. We don’t quite know what to do with her when she’s awake except try to get her to sleep again! Maybe when she has her Whoozit those waking times won’t be so boring for her.

On another note, but not departing from the subject of Father’s Day, I called Orillia this morning to talk to Mom and Whit but they weren’t home and I got the answering machine. It was nice to hear Dad’s voice. I’ve been missing him a lot since Istra was born.

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