Tuesday 7 June 2005

Appointment Update

Here are a few updates from our appointment with Elizabeth today:

1. Istra had her hearing checked with a machine that tests the vibrations of the tiny hairs in her ears. All is normal.

2. Elizabeth checked out her heart again and reports that the murmur is already diminishing.

3. Elizabeth reports that I have a very efficient uterus.

4. Istra had her very first diaper blow-out in the lobby of our apartment building on our way home. I was standing waiting for the elevator and all of a sudden she let loose with one of her characteristic farts. I was embarrassed because there was a pizza delivery guy standing next to me also waiting for the elevator. In my head I quickly thought of something to say (ie. blame the baby! it wasn't me!), but did not get a chance because I soon noticed another sound--the sound of something liquidy hitting the tile at my feet. I looked down. The pizza guy looked down. We both looked at each other in horror.

I guess I have a lot more of this type of thing in my future. Keeps one humble, I suppose.

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