Wednesday 11 May 2005

Post Prenatal

Last Thursday Tim and I went to our last prenatal class. Compared to previous classes, this one seemed rather low-key—perhaps because we weren’t shown any horrific slides or videos and perhaps because the room which was usually packed seemed almost empty with 3 of the couples missing. At that class we were informed that another of the couples had had their baby (around a month early) and yet another couple was absent without explanation (though we later found out that they were actually in the process of having their baby as we learned, appropriately, about newborn care and breastfeeding). Just a few moments ago another birth story came in over email. So four couples have had their babies so far. I am the last one due. Each birth story that comes in feels like another tick of the clock for me!

After prenatal class, we got home and I started packing up my things to spend a few days in Orillia. I spent Mother’s Day weekend with Mom and Whitney, which was really nice. Apart from just having a really pleasant visit—with a few morning walks, interesting conversation and a couple really yummy roasted veggie and feta sandwiches—I finished some of the sewing I planned to do. A couple of weeks ago after my last midwife appointment, I went to Goodwill and bought 7 100% wool sweaters. While in Orillia I washed these sweaters in hot water and dried them to shrink and felt them (which makes them nice and thick). Then I cut them up and sewed them back together, making each sweater into two diaper covers, somewhat like the “soakers” that Aunty Belle has been knitting for me. Out of each sweater I got one pair of shorts and one pair of pants; for the shorts I used the cuff from the sweater to create little legs and for the pants I used the leftover sleeve. I’m really proud of myself for making these for a few reasons: first of all I’m a terrible sewer and I managed to actually make something successfully; and second of all, I modified the instructions I found on the Internet to get two soakers out of each sweater rather than the one that was suggested. This, of course, created much less left over wool so I feel very thrifty. Also, these things sell for anywhere between $5 and $20 dollars each (the long pants versions going for much more—anywhere from $20 to $50 each) and I made eight of them for $20. Now all I need to do is lanolize them, which is what will make them waterproof and therefore functional as a diaper cover.

Of course, Tim thinks that the baby is going to look like a freak in my little creations, but I think they’re cute. And there’s nothing wrong with a freak. Every family needs a freak or three.

I have my last bi-weekly midwife appointment tomorrow with Katrina—after this we’ll be having weekly appointments, the first of which will be a home visit. Elizabeth will be coming to our apartment for my 37-week appointment in order to become familiar with the layout and what she’ll be working with when the time comes. It will also be good for her to do a sort of dry run of how to get to our place and find parking and whatnot. The 37-week appointment is fairly significant in that at 37 weeks I will be considered full term and could theoretically have the baby at any time! Of course, I have a feeling this baby is going to come pretty much on her due date, give or take a week; but we’ll see.

In other news, Tim and I are pretty much decided on what baby’s first movie is going to be.

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