Wednesday 27 April 2005

Midwife Mishap (... and the grad school saga conclusion...)

So, yesterday while I was happily rambling on and on about Koolaid and tie dye and posting pictures of the baby shower for your perusal, I was actually missing my midwife appointment. Oops. I'd written down Wednesday instead of Tuesday and I didn't clue in that it was the 26th, despite the number appearing at the top of my weblog entry! You see, this is what happens when I'm not in school!

Fortunately, Elizabeth had an opening just after my original time slot, so I got to have my appointment after all. Everything is still fine. When Elizabeth was feeling my belly to check the baby's position, she commented - much like Katrina had - that the baby seemed very "fixed" in my pelvis and is therefore unlikely to move and turn out a breech baby. This, of course, is a good thing. She also commented that the growth of the baby is very good and steady, despite my lack of a visually impressive ball-like belly. Blood pressure is good. Everything is good. I'm still feeling perfectly fine and sometimes feel like it's a disappointment when I have nothing horrifying to tell people when they ask me how the pregnancy is going! People seem to like to hear about all the crazy symptoms of pregnancy, but all I've really got is a sore belly button and even that isn't so bad these days.

In other non-pregnancy related news, with the lick of a couple envelopes this morning I sealed my fate. These envelopes are now in the mail and my decision is irreversible: I did indeed, after all, say Yes to York and No to U of T. Ultimately, I feel good about this decision; but I also feel a little bit sad that my expectations for the Comparative Literature MA did not pan out and that I've spent the last two years essentially in preparation for this degree which I will now not be doing. On the other hand, I feel like perhaps these past two years were good for me in terms of the English courses I took. Last summer, the Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama course I did was challenging and rewarding and then there is, of course, this year's Milton course. Maybe I was meant to study these two extra years simply to broaden my knowledge of English literature. I don't feel like it was time wasted.

I shot off a quick email this morning after mailing my acceptance to York to indicate to the professor who was so helpful to me throughout this process that I was accepting. I see that he responded just now, welcoming me to the program and letting me know that I would be getting more information in the mail. Isn't that nice? And all this while still waiting for the Graduate Administration from U of T to answer my emails and phone messages.

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