Tuesday 5 April 2005

Grad School Update

Yesterday was my last day of classes as an undergraduate. It was my Milton class and afterwards I hung around to ask my prof about grad school. I specifically wanted to ask her because a) she is so nice and down to earth and I feel really comfortable talking to her; and b) she is a Milton specialist and I find myself becoming increasingly interested in this as an option for me. When I told her that I had been thinking of studying something else in grad school but am now considering Milton after taking her class, her eyes lit up and she said, "That's what happened to me!"

She was really helpful. She told me the name of the professor who usually teaches Milton at the graduate level and also the name of the professor who is the Graduate Administrator who I can go to with any questions. She even drove me over to the building where the Administrator's office is so I could see if he was taking appointments just then (she was headed there anyway, apparently - but she also drove me all the way home afterwards! I told you she was nice!).

The Graduate Administrator wasn't there, but I got his email address and have since been in correspondance with him. I have learned many things.

Regarding studying Milton, after talking to the Graduate Administrator, I have come to the conclusion that it just might not be possible. The professor that Dr. Swiss (my current prof for Milton) recommended to me does indeed teach at the graduate level, but he is going on sabatical next year, so he won't be able to supervise me. On the course calendar for next year there are no courses that deal with Milton's works and I have been informed that there hasn't been such a course for quite some time. Actually, I've since looked at the course calendars for both York and U of T (who I still haven't heard back from) and overall it looks pretty disappointing in terms of being able to take courses that I won't hate and/or will find useful. It seems like the topic of the year is anything related to gender studies or post-colonial studies, both of which I'd rather scratch out my own eyes than enroll in. There is one (yes, one) course at York that I'm interested in, and it's not even a full year course. I'd need at least six of these half-year courses to fill up my schedule if I enroll for the research paper option. If I opt for the thesis instead, I would only need 4 half courses. Still, 4 is a lot when there's only one I find interesting.

So, it's looking a bit bleak.

On the upside, I explained my situation to the Graduate Administrator (you know, being pregnant and all) and he suggested that I could spread my MA over 2 years instead of one, which would significantly lighten the load. Though with this option I'd also have to spread the $8000 over 2 years, so it also significantly lightens my paycheque! On the other hand, if I'm not forced to enroll in courses I know I'll hate just to finish the degree I might actually enjoy doing the MA and it won't matter so much that it takes an extra year.

There's lots to think about, and thankfully I now have the time to think about it. I'm referring not only to the fact that I'm done classes now, but also to the fact that York has given me an extension on the date by which I need to accept or decline their admissions offer. I explained to them that I'm still waiting to hear from U of T and they kindly extended the deadline for me. So I now have until April 13 to decide what I'm going to do for the next year or two of my life, besides change diapers and annoy my family with all the freakily natural parenting options I am planning to employ.

I am also, just like all of you I'm sure, waiting patiently for Tim to write about our first prenatal class experience, which was last Thursday.

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