Sunday 20 March 2005

They Kind of Look Like Boring White Tea Towels (Makes you think... what else could tea towels be used for....)

Having a child is a time when one thinks about many things. Even for me, who tries his hardest not to think about anything, the odd thought slips in which otherwise likely would not have occurred. Yet once the thought does occur, some thoughts, it refuses to go away. It can no longer be ignored.

Most of you are no doubt aware of Selena's intention of wrapping our impending offspring not in plastic, nor the various other hightech amalgams of chemistry and largely non-biodegradable fabrication. That is to say, cloth. We are, in case you are incredibly dense, talking diapers, of course.

This got me thinking, alas. It got me thinking in the bathroom, for some reason. So we are against manufactured diapers because the are environmentally unfriendly; and furthermore they are unnatural. They are needlessly expensive on the one hand; yet earth destroyingly cheap on the other. I hear of the miracle properties of wool; the simplicity and flesh-friendly nature of cottons.

And yet no thought is given to the forests of toilet paper we go

through. Why is it we aren't we aren't switching to cloth toilet paper? For the environment. For our health! For our budget. In short, it's a big-picture quality of life issue, isn't it? How is it we are to impose this regimen on our defenceless child, and do not follow through with ourselves?

Is this the first step, right from the day of birth, down the path of

the inevitably perceived parental hypocrisy?

Must try harder... to stop thinking...

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