Wednesday 9 March 2005

Let us all assume the feotal position (Or, the story of the cute little kitten)

I had a new experience last night. In bed. Asleep. I've decided to post about it, after all. Briefly. I did learn a valuable lesson from it, at least. I can pass it on.

In short: my first baby anxiety dream! The lesson: do not leave your baby sleeping on the second to top step of the stairs at my mom's house. Take heed!

And its actually worse than that. First, for those who don't know, the stairs going up at my mom's are of the sort that have not backs: they are just flat carpetted steps. You can see through them into the living room. You can fall through them. If you are small enough. Beneath them are more stairs down to the depths of the basement.

Most shocking of all is that Selena didn't do anything about this! And thus the lesson of the dream: do not trust Selena!

Which is an interesting lesson, actually. It is kind of weird. Weird in a sort of sad, twisted way. It is only in the shadow of this horrific nocturnal vision that I think I have felt my first hint of attachment to this stupid and clumsy little creature. It was terrible.

It was actually still tiny and foetal and naked sleeping curled up, the step... the magnitude of the horror is that it was actually sleeping there (God only knows how it got there!) quite peacefully... I rushed, in my anxiety of seeing it there, to grab it from the precipice... and it was actually my clumsy, hysterical, idiocy that sent it sprawling... my own hands.

Also in my dream we got a new kitten. It was cute. And, besides been swatted, and sat on, a few times by the black cat, it was just fine.

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