Tuesday 8 February 2005

More Filling

Isn't this amaryllis pretty? I am very thankful to have this amaryllis. This amaryllis has brought such joy to our apartment and it also, thankfully, blocked someone from taking a picture of me only in my bra and posting it on the weblog.

I have been talking to some people lately (not mentioning any names) and have learned that certain generous souls have started to buy things for the baby! This has prompted me to get my bum in gear and put together a list of things that we need and/or we think would make this whole baby business a little easier. You can go to the list here. Tim has actually created our own little registry, since many of the items I am interested in are sold at a few different places and I didn't want to register at so many different stores (and some of these, being small Work-At-Home-Mom establishments, don't have the registry technology on their websites). Apart from this homemade registry, I also registered at Babies R Us for the more conventional items. Tim has kindly put a link to both registries on the side of this weblog so anyone can see it at any time without having to look for this post.

There are some expensive things on the list; namely, the breast pump (which I will desperately need if I'm going back to school or if I encounter any problems with breastfeeding), the jogging stroller and the carseat. There are some midrange items and also some smaller items for those who don't have a lot of money to spend. I'm really not expecting anything, but I just wanted to give some direction for those who are buying!

In other news, I received our first baby purchase in the mail yesterday--four lovely wool soakers made by a nice grandma in Regina. They are all different sizes, it turns out, but two of them will probably fit right away. There is a blue, red, orange and a lilac one, so they will be appropriate no matter what gender the baby turns out to be. I think boys can wear lilac too, can't they?

I have also been trying to take the time to do my yoga dvd in the mornings.Over the past few days I've come to realize that this is probably a more important exercise than other types of activities that I was previously doing for weight-loss. Yes, it is important to keep my weight under control, but I also need to increase my flexibility and stamina. I think this is what is most important now. I've been reading some books that give some suggestions for things I can do to increase flexibility and so have been trying to sit cross-legged whenever possible (unfortunately not possible while at the computer which is where I am most of the time). For some reason, sitting cross-legged has always been uncomfortable for me--even when I was a kid. I am noticing that it is becoming easier, though; which is good. Hopefully I can make some more progress over the next four months.

Four months! Ack!

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