Monday 21 February 2005

Accumulating Things

Despite the fact that Tim and I spent most of my Reading Week "holiday" apart, it was still nice. I had a nice visit with Mom and even managed to get my reading done (or most of it anyway). Then, of course, there was the little birthday party with the cake depicted below. The cake is so simple, but it is my favourite.

Over the week I managed to correct some of my errors in knitting (thanks to Aunty Belle) and even sew some things for the baby. Overall it was pretty productive. Mom and I went shopping and it was fun watching her go crazy over tiny little socks. If she gets so excited over tiny little socks, however is she going to keep her head when she finally meets the tiny little toes to go in the socks? As for myself, I am already intimately familiar with those tiny little toes which are getting more and more active by the day, seemingly. The email I get every week tells me that this week the baby is around a foot long and weighs around a pound and a half. If she's got this much kicking power already, what is it going to feel like when she is six or seven pounds?

Actually, I shouldn't complain. So far the kicks don't hurt and are not very bothersome. In fact, I seem to be able to sleep through them better than Tim can! The only time they are annoying is when the baby has flipped herself around and is subsequently kicking me in the bladder. That is a little bit alarming, but usually doesn't last very long. Overall, the kicks are pretty fun. It's nice to know there's something going on in there anyway!

My midwife appointment, which was originally scheduled for February 18, has now been rescheduled twice--once by me (due to Reading Week) and once by my back-up midwife, Katrina. This appointment coming up is the first time I will be meeting Katrina, so I'm wondering if it will be the same general routine as appointments with Elizabeth, which generally consist of a lengthy question or discussion period and then a brief examination of my belly progress and listening to the baby's heartbeat. I will post about it after the 28th. I believe I'll get to sign up for the natural childbirth classes that are offered by the Midwife's Collective at my next appointment.

For those who are interested, we've put together a list of things that we've already received from people. These are things that weren't on the registry, so need to be documented somewhere so people know what they can buy without overloading us with onesies or other things that people love to get for new babies. This is particularly important for those who want to buy clothes, since we'll need a wide range of sizes and not all newborn stuff, which I've heard babies grow out of very quickly. This list will be updated as things come in. There will also be a link to it on the side bar for easy reference.

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