Sunday 9 January 2005

Wee Blur

As I think everyone already knows, Selena went for another ultrasound last Wednesday. She phoned her mom, sister, Aunty Belle and Gran to tell them all about it. She then emailed my mom and sister. Why not post it on the web log? So I'm posting the email she sent, below.
Just wanted to let you all know that I had my ultrasound today and the new member of the family might be a girl. The technician didn't really seem all that convinced to me (she did say that she couldn't really see all that clearly because the baby was being especially modest), so I'm not buying pink yet (not that I would buy pink anyway... or at least a lot of it). I'm not sure, but this might have been my last ultrasound, so we might not know for sure until June!

So I guess we're not any further ahead now than we were before. All we've got is some anonymous person's opinion (although educated) that the baby may be female.

Ah well. I guess we're going to have to pick two names after all. Hrm.
Here is the best of the images we got from the ultrasound (it's not as clear as the last one).

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