Wednesday 19 January 2005

New Year Old News (Ringing in the New Building)

On our second night in the new apartment, new year's eve, look out our window and what do we see? Explosions. I grabbed my camera in time to capture one. Pretty, huh?

Whether it is safe or not to be lighting off fireworks in front of apartment buildings is another question. Some excited folks on a balcony in the building across from us (seen in the background of the picture) seemed rather into it; and they were closer to the explosions than us. They hooted and screamed for more; but the small band of folks who had wandered out and started lighting them off didn't have that many, and soon straggled back into the building.

It was interesting though. I can't say I've ever been eye-level with fireworks going off before.

Another novel new years' experience here in the new building was that at midnight (some time before the firecrackers started popping) it seemed a lot of people headed for their balconies and started  yelling "Happy New Year!" and banging things. The volume level was incredible as the massive wall of shoutings bounced off each other. It lasted some time, and was even a bit disconcerting! And I must say that it seemed to me some of those people shouting didn't actually sound all that "happy". But they were loud; no doubt about it.

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