Tuesday 21 December 2004

Cramped Quarters (And other discs)

The rumours of our moving early, we found out today, were greatly exaggerated. The superintendant called us and let us know that the current tenant now says she will be moving out on the 29th. He then said that they'd be redoing the floors, and painting for a few days.

Selena mentioned that we really could use the apartment considering that we have to be out of the one we are in by the end of the month. Kindly they consented not to do the floors, and we can move in at earliest on the Thursday, the 30th, at 2 pm. In fact we can move in from 2 pm to 9 pm, we are told.

So it's going to be tighter than we expected, and hoped.

In other news, the picture you are seeing is Selena's newly "resized" wedding ring. Being titanium it couldn't actually be resized. She had the inside lined with silver. It turned out quite nice, don't you think? It's a bit heavy (apparently it took quite a bit of the metal), but fits, and looks interesting.

Sandro's friend, Wolfgang, did a nice job.

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