Monday 18 October 2004

Apt Hunting

Selena and I will be giving our notice at the end of this month. So, as of January 1, we will be homeless.

Unless we find a new home.

We went out to explore and area that Selena has been interested in around Roselawn and Marlee (just north-west of Eglington and Allen). I was sceptical about the area, fearing it to be noisy due to the Allen being so close. Also, what is up there? It seemed like not an area I've ever heard of before.

Turned out to be fairly nice though. Hard to judge the noise levels, due to the wind and cold on Sunday; but it seemed not as bad as I'd feared. There are a bunch of custers of appartment buildings there of various sorts and ages. The trick might be to get one which has another building behind it between you and the Allen.

Probably the most interesting discovery was this little IGA in the neighbourhood. It was very small. It felt like a country grocery store, with it's limited size, and narrow isles neatly cram packed with stuff. We ended up doing a little grocery shopping there. It was cute. Though actually there is a No Frills (generally our favourite grocery store) on Eglington, not at all far away... somehow though Eglinton is mere blocks away, this little neighbourhood feels separate and self contained.

Anyhow, it is one possibility. Here is the apartment which originally caught Selena's eye online. The one catch being that there's not actually any units available in this building at the moment. We took down the phone numbers of all the apartments, so Selena will likely call around for prices and availability.

It's a two bedroom with a balcony, we're after.

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